RSCC Statement on the Demolition at Silverio Compound in Metro Manila


Silverio resident arrested. Source:

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC) condemns the US-Aquino regime for its crimes against the Filipino people, including the most recent demolition in Silverio Compound in Metro Manila aimed ultimately at evicting 28,000 urban poor families. Silverio residents were rightfully protesting against the demolition of their homes when the police violently attacked them. The police killed Bodging Isaisas, 16, Rodman Ortega, 16, Arnel Toletino Leonor, 21, and Raymond Aquino, 36. These conditions of impoverishment and repression are enforced by US imperialism, including the US military, in the Philippines.

RSCC is a student organization based in the City University of New York, the largest urban university system in the US. We recognize that police killings in urban poor communities and the violent displacement of residents by commercial interests is an everyday occurrence around the world. Students must understand that our struggles over economic issues like tuition hikes, budget cuts, and student debt remain narrow, if we do not integrate with the youth in the communities who cannot get into school in the first place, who suffer with the workers and the urban poor.

RSCC stands with the Filipino people in their just struggle for genuine independence and democracy. We call on all youth and students in New York City to participate in the educational forums, pickets, and other mass actions initiated by the grassroots Filipino people’s organizations in the US.


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