Statement from the Secretariat of the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC), NYC

At long last, on November 29, the world’s governments came together and voted overwhelmingly in favor of the recognition of a Palestinian state by the United Nations – or so it seemed. However, Palestine has been an occupied territory under the jurisdiction of the Israeli settler-colonial state since 1948. The Israeli settler-colonial state, which does not recognize formal borders, has been continuously furthering its settlement of the remaining area designated for Palestinians, displacing Palestinians, and imposing apartheid against Palestinians, as well as diminishing non-European Jews to second-class status within Israeli borders. Coupled with the many wars against neighboring Arab states, all of this goes toward the project of establishing a “Greater Israel” as a heavily-militarized junior partner of US imperialism in the Middle East.

Most recently last month, Israel with US support launched a widespread bombing campaign in Gaza, lasting until a ceasefire was declared by Israel on November 21. This resulted in the killing of 168 Palestinians, including many children.


Following the destruction and genocidal violence against the Palestinian people, the United Nations voted to grant “non-member observer state” status to Palestine, creating the impression that the UN – the liberal face of imperialism – is an adequate and balanced global facilitator. The US and Israel were among the few states that voted against it, demonstrating their utterly reactionary foreign policy and international strategic orientation.

Yet, what does the small concession of a “non-member observer state” look like on the ground for Palestinians? The vote does not change the situation on the ground and the reality of the Israeli settler-colonial regime. It does not recognize the stolen land as Palestinian territory. It does not grant Palestine any voting rights and it does not give Palestine a legal way to bring its case to the attention of the International Criminal Court. Not only is the ICC controlled by imperialist agendas but also it only has jurisdiction over states that have declared themselves members of the court. Israel is not one of them.

A true solution requires decolonization, the implementation of the right of all Palestinian refugees to return to the land, and a single secular state reclaiming all of the stolen land, not just the territory of what is classified as the new “non-member observer state” of Palestine.

On November 30, the day after the United Nations decision, Israel immediately announced that, in retaliation, it will continue settlement construction in the West Bank. This is illegal under international law. It is apparent that neither the UN nor the small concession of a non-member observer state can ensure the liberation of the Palestinian people. Mandates and laws are only as effective as the force behind them. Much like how the NYPD openly violated the law when it spied on Muslim students in CUNY; Israel openly violates international law with US aid, oppresses the Palestinian people, and goes unpunished by the governments of the world. Only a revolutionary movement can possibly liberate those under the boot of imperialism.


Contact: or 347.391.1949


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