Defend the CUNY 6 October 15th! Drop All Charges Now!

Students, faculty and staff; labor and community activists; opponents of militarization and police brutality: Come to the public meeting on Tuesday, October 15th to say: Defend the CUNY Six! Drop All the Charges Now! At the meeting, a wide range of organizations and individuals will be speaking out in defense of CUNY students’ right to protest.

Participants in the campaign against the militarization of CUNY will explain the causes and goals of the protests; how the drive to militarize CUNY is linked to major issues of war, racism and attacks on public education; and why the Board of Trustees and NYPD have reacted with open repression.

Last month’s violent police attack against student protesters in front of Macaulay Honors College has caused a storm of indignation. Graphic images show the brutality as six demonstrators were arrested in the unprovoked NYPD assault. Their “crime”? Peacefully protesting CUNY’s appointment of former CIA chief and Iraq/Afghanistan war commander David Petraeus.

The “CUNY Six” are facing a range of spurious charges –and just as the police attack and arrests were aimed against the rights of us all, so to the defense of the CUNY Six is vital to defending the rights of everyone who works and studies at the City University of New York.

A “Statement of Support to CUNY Students” targeted and arrested in the police attack has been signed by hundreds of academics, while the union representing 25,000 CUNY faculty and staff issued a “PSC Resolution in Protest of Violent Police Response to Peaceful Protest by CUNY Students.” As one organizer of the anti-militarization campaign noted: “Petraeus’ backers cannot answer the documented truth about his actions as CIA chief and war commander – so they send enforcers in blue to try to silence our voice. But the truth of our message will not and cannot be silenced by the NYPD’s billy clubs, choke holds and fists.”

All those who defend students’ basic right to protest and oppose police brutality are encouraged to attend a public meeting on Tuesday, October 15, calling to “Defend the CUNY Six – Drop the Charges Now!” Lending vocal support is crucial, as some of the CUNY 6 will have their first court appearance  on October 17th.

Meeting initiated by the
Ad Hoc Committee Against the
Militarization of CUNY

Download PDF here


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