All out to Taffy’s and Khalil’s hearings!

Taffy and Khalil. Photo by Jeff Mays.

Taffy and Khalil. Photo by Jeff Mays.

Friday, November 8 @ 9:00AM
City College of New York
W 138th St and Convent Ave
In Front of the North Academic Center

On October 28, a City College administrator suspended Tafadar “Taffy” Sourov and Khalil Vasquez, two students who led demonstrations against the administration’s illegal raid and seizure of the Guillermo Morales / Assata Shakur Community Center. On November 8, Taffy and Khalil will come before the faculty-student disciplinary committee for the first time.

The CUNY administration wants to use repression and militarization to drive a wedge between working-class youth and our communities. But, we want to fight with our communities and transform City College into what should be called ‘Harlem University,’ a university made for and by the people. Because our goals run counter to theirs, the administration treated Taffy and Khalil like the cops treat the workers and masses of Harlem: like criminals.

In the face of repression, we are even more determined to reclaim the Morales / Shakur Center and to fight for the overall transformation of CUNY to serve the people!

All out to Taffy’s and Khalil’s hearings!  

Defend the Morales / Shakur Center! 

Liberate CUNY for the People!

Download flyer here.


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