Press Release for Taffy and Khalil’s Hearings on Nov. 8

Mobilization to defend student leaders from persecution
Friday November 8th, 9:00am
City College of New York, in front of NAC building

On Monday October 28th as they were going to class, two student leaders at the City College of New York were approached by CUNY Public Safety officials and told that they would be suspended from campus for inciting a riot that never occurred. This comes after two weeks of successive protests following the closure of the Morales Shakur Community Center at City College. The Community Center provided books and fresh food at low prices to students and community members in the Harlem area, and was a center for political activity for two decades.

CUNY Public Safety raided and seized the space early in the morning on Sunday October 20, and locked down the campus to prevent anybody from interfering. Over the next two weeks, the campus was locked down repeatedly as students were locked out of the building, held hostage inside, alumni were pepper sprayed and students were arrested as students and community members led mass militant mobilizations on campus. Khalil Vasquez and Tafadar Sourov, both from the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, were visible leaders of the protests and are the ones being targeted by the administration for suspension and possible expulsion.

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee is calling for a massive mobilization on Friday November 8th at 9am, right before the hearing where Khalil and Tafadar will be sentenced. They believe that this marks an intensification in what they call the militarization of CUNY, and are mobilizing the community and student body to defend their university and its leaders.

3 thoughts on “Press Release for Taffy and Khalil’s Hearings on Nov. 8

  1. Don’t break the law and you won’t get arrested. Stop being ignorant, I saw a few video’s of you guys online showing just how foolish and ignorant you all are on this because you are unwilling to have a real conversation.

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