We Will Not Compromise: CUNY Administration’s Backroom Deal Revealed

The City College administration suspended two student members of the RSCC, Tafadar Sourov and Khalil Vasquez on Monday October 28th. They were targeted for playing a leading role in the latest wave of militant protests in CUNY, in response to the illegal seizure and raid of the Morales/Shakur Community Center at City College. However, their repression of these student leaders was unable to stop the growth of the new wave of political movements in CUNY.

Desperate to save face, the City College administration attempted to strike a deal with Khalil and Tafadar, offering to lift their suspension (until the next hearing) and let them resume their classes if they submit to monitoring by security when they are on campus, agree to end their political activities on campus, and not participate on campus in any other way. Refusing to accept these limitations on their rights to freedom of speech, freedom of movement and free association, Khalil and Tafadar rejected the deal. Instead, they chose to stick to their principles as revolutionaries.

Because Khalil and Tafadar struggle for the people, they are being repressed by those who facilitate the oppression and exploitation of the people. These young revolutionaries defended the democratic rights of oppressed nationalities and the revolutionary right of exploited working class people to have access to a public university. As this access is lessened and CUNY is closed off to the NYC community, political movements will continue to grow and the people will mobilize to rightfully claim CUNY as their public institution, and every time our leaders are targeted we will mobilize to defend them!


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