All Out to Defend Khalil & Taffy! First Court Appearance Tomorrow.

Khalil & Taffy. Photo by Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee.

Khalil & Taffy.
Photo by Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee.

This morning, Khalil and Taffy were forced to present themselves at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office to be arrested. We are calling on all people to come out for a press conference right before their first court appearance tomorrow:

Manhattan Criminal Court
100 Centre Street
Press Conference: 8:45AM
Arraignment: 9:30AM
Arraignment Part AR1, First Floor, Room 130

Wear red shirts!


Both CCNY students have been leaders in the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY, which organized protests against the appointment of ex-General and ex-CIA director David Petraeus as a visiting professor, and against the re-emergence of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

In the past two months, they led protests against the City College administration’s raid and seizure of the Morales / Shakur Center. More recently, on October 28, they were suspended from campus for their political activity, without a prior hearing. However, the repression did not stop there.

CUNY invited the Manhattan District Attorney’s involvement, further intensifying the repression of the organizing against the militarization of CUNY. The level of repression involved, at this moment, is unprecedented in the history of CUNY.

From the demonstrations against Petraeus and ROTC to the present, CUNY security has been calling the shots. In the past, CUNY security consulted the CUNY administration and received orders from them. White activists from the 1960s and 1970s generation were disciplined multiple times, before they were given lengthy suspensions. What we see today is a reverse in the chain of command, along with repression against student organizing.

This became evident on November 8 when a student disciplinary hearing was scheduled for Khalil and Taffy. Even though the chair of the hearing ruled for a public hearing and for a larger room, CUNY security turned him down.

As people outside were waiting to get inside for the hearing, CUNY security continuously told protesters that the room could only fit 15 people. While Khalil and Taffy were in the hearing room with their lawyers, the witnesses stayed in a much larger lecture hall that could have been used for the hearing. There were also three large lecture halls nearby that could have been used. CUNY security’s claim that only a small number of people could attend the hearing is groundless.

Another disciplinary hearing is scheduled for this Friday, November 22.

As revolutionary students, we know that this current CUNY system does not serve us or our communities. This is why they have acted this way towards our organizing and why they are attempting to make examples out of Khalil and Taffy. This is why we must be present tomorrow to support Khalil and Taffy at their first court appearance!

All out to defend Khalil and Taffy!
Stop the militarization of CUNY!
Serve the people!

**Misinformation: Previously, it was said that the CUNY administration put holds on Khalil and Taffy’s registration for spring classes. It has been confirmed that there is no hold on Khalil’s registration and the stop on Taffy’s registration is a routine administrative hold that will clear when Taffy speaks with an academic advisor. 


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