A Reportback on Khalil & Taffy’s Hearing

Before today’s disciplinary hearing began, while supporters waited in a packed room, CUNY entered into a negotiated agreement with Khalil and Taffy’s attorneys to lift their suspensions at the end of this semester, Fall 2013.

The gain for the people: Khalil and Taffy will be back on campus in the spring semester, Spring 2014, to serve the people as they do best.

The loss for the people: CUNY’s collaboration with the police and the District Attorney, which filed criminal charges against Khalil and Taffy before its own disciplinary process ran its course, severely restricted the ability of the defense to put on a case and prevented Khalil and Taffy from testifying if there would have been a hearing today.

The militarization of CUNY continues.

The struggle to liberate CUNY continues.

Towards a CUNY Spring.


2 thoughts on “A Reportback on Khalil & Taffy’s Hearing

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