RSCC: US Out of the Philippines!

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC), an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and proletarian feminist student organization based at the City University of New York (CUNY), condemns the ongoing invasion of the Philippines by the US military under the pretense of typhoon relief.

The so-called US “aid effort,” involving the deployment of US military vessels, aircraft, and many thousands of personnel, primarily serves to strengthen US domination over the Filipino people. It paves the way for furthering US imperialism’s “pivot” to Asia, as US imperialism prepares for sharpening contention with the Chinese capitalist state over Southeast Asia.

When great disasters strike, the US capitalists always attempt to take advantage of them to reproduce the existing conditions of exploitation and oppression.

Disasters in the US like Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy provide the capitalist class with new opportunities to remove concentrated proletarian residential communities, to promote NGO leaders who are agents of the Ford Foundation and other capitalist interests, and to exploit labor power in new ways. Likewise, Typhoon Haiyan is an opening for the US capitalists to militarily reinforce the three mountains of imperialism, semi-feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism oppressing the Filipino people.


SWB’s Hip-Hop Embraces Revolution MIC Event, where they did fundraising for the recent typhoon disaster in the Philippines.

On November 13, Students Without Borders (SWB), a campus club at Queens College in which RSCC members are active, organized a hip-hop show to raise funds for Anakbayan-USA’s Typhoon Haiyan relief campaign. The next day, the Queens College administration suspended SWB’s room reservation rights for the remainder of the semester and threatened to call security to shut down future SWB events. This shows that the CUNY administration wants to prevent genuine grassroots support from youth and students in CUNY to the Filipino people, while the US state prepares for war on the Filipino people.

The RSCC calls on people in New York City and the US to expose the intrigues of US imperialism in the Philippines through mass education and protest, and to continue to generously support the relief campaign organized by the National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON).


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