Judge & Prosecution denies motions to drop charges for CUNY 6

January 9th court appearance for CUNY 6 & Khalil and Taffy.

NEXT COURT DATE for the CUNY 6: February 18

NEXT COURT DATE for Khalil + Taf: March 11

The following is a speech given by a RSCC comrade at the recent court appearance on January 9th. 

CUNY for the People! 

We are here today in support of the CUNY 6 and Taffy and Khalil. We are here because we are taking the future of CUNY into our hands. The two sides of this struggle have been clear.

We want a CUNY that serves the people of New York City. They, the present CUNY administrators, want a CUNY that serves the capitalist-imperialist system.

CUNY haggled and begged David Petraeus to teach and to produce lackey policymakers among people in our communities.

The working class is firmly opposed to Petraeus teaching in CUNY. It wants a CUNY open to all proletarian people. It wants a CUNY where students learn to serve the people, to become revolutionaries who return to the neighborhoods we come from, to uplift our class through militant struggle.

CUNY welcomed ROTC back to recruit more oppressed-nationality people from our communities. This was part of a national strategy to recruit proletarian youth to join the ranks of the imperialist war machine.

The working class is firmly opposed to the ROTC returning to CUNY. It wants to be able to fight and defend itself from its class enemies.

When we fought against these imposed measures, CUNY responded by taking away the only thing that linked students in CUNY together with our communities—the Guillermo Morales / Assata Shakur Community & Student Center at City College.

The working class is firmly against the backhanded seizure of the Morales / Shakur Center. It wants a revolutionary community center on every single CUNY campus.

Why is CUNY doing all this? Because they want to change the class character of CUNY. This is happening because CUNY is excluding proletarian people of New York City from attending the only institution that they can hope to attend.

This is happening because CUNY is taking in top-graduating students in and outside of New York City and trying to make Colin Powells of out them. As if being the first Jamaican man to serve as Secretary of State is something to be proud about!

CUNY is trying to pick off a section of people in our communities and train them to serve imperialism, a system that continues to dominate the oppressed countries abroad and the proletarian communities here. This is the new problem we are facing. 

CUNY, just like the electoral system in New York City, is trying to use people that look like us—like Colin Powell, like DeBlasio’s son—to create illusions about this system.

Let me be clear about this: as long as this current system exists, as long as the US remains a capitalist society, nothing will ever be in the working class’s favor. The ruling class has the power to rule over us.

In CUNY, they can silence us with policies like the Expressive Conduct Policy.

They can suspend my comrades and kick them out of school.

They can send the NYPD after us and hunt us like animals.

They can stockpile weapons—hollow-point bullets, shotgun ammunition, Glock automatic pistols with night sights, body armor, riot helmets, pepper-spray dispensers—that the NYPD doesn’t have to intimidate us.

But where is our power to rule over them?

Where is our power to embarrass and kick out reactionary teachers?

Where is our power to expel racist school administrators?

Where is our power to stop-and-frisk a cop?

Where is our power to put our bosses in their place?

Our power lies in the destruction of this system and the construction of a new one. To do that, we must unite and seize our power. We must build our own organizations to counter theirs.

This is why the struggle in CUNY is part of the larger class struggle happening in proletarian communities everywhere; our fate as students is the fate of the communities that we come from. We cannot transform CUNY to serve the people unless we also transform all of society to serve the people.

City College is Harlem University! 


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