WHERE: 100 Centre St NY, NY Part A

WHEN: Monday June 1st, 9:30 AM

On Monday April 28th, Tafadar and Khalil, two RSCC members, expected to have their last court date. Tafadar has 7 criminal charges and Khalil has 6, after CUNY called on the state to arrest and prosecute them for being leaders in the protests at City College last semester, to save the Morales/Shaker Community and Student Center. Due to the judge not being present, their case has been pushed to June 9th.

Although CUNY is watching keenly to make an example of these revolutionary students, the judge presiding over the case is deciding between dismissing their case or giving them an ACD (which requires them not to be arrested for six months to have the case dismissed) with four days of community service.

RSCC is hoping for a dismissal of the criminal case, so Tafadar and Khalil can continue to serve the people every day. The struggle they led at City College is an important struggle of the people. CUNY administration wanting to get rid of the Morales/Shaker Center is part of the larger agenda to corporatize the university, making it less accessible to the communities of NYC while taking in more students from outside of the city. CUNY’s agenda fits in neatly with the educational genocide committed against the oppressed nationality, working class communities of NYC. Underfunded high schools, underserved communities, unemployment, low wages, brutal and racist policing, etc. are all factors that combine with CUNY’s structural discrimination to keep oppressed nationality, working class people dominated at the lowest rungs of society.

RSCC’s mission is to liberate CUNY for the people, as a democratic right of oppressed communities. We are calling on supporters of Tafadar and Khalil to come out and show your support on June 9th as our comrades stand before the judge for the last time.




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