Khalil and Tafadar’s Case is Over, but the Movement Lives On!


Credit to A.K.

Credit to A.K.

Khalil and Tafadar had their last court date on June 9th, at 10 am. Their lawyers had made a motion for dismissal of all charges (Tafadar had 7, Khalil had 6), which RSCC has been looking forward to. However, the state was not going to let young revolutionaries walk away free and instead gave them an ACD (adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, meaning they must stay out of trouble with the law for 6 months and the case will be dismissed) with a mandatory four days of community service.

The two revolutionary student leaders were suspended by CUNY during the middle of the fall 2013 semester for their leading role in the protests to defend the Morales/Shakur Community Center at the City College campus. CUNY went on to involve the state, bringing in the Manhattan District Attorney to prosecute them in criminal court. The two were already punished by CUNY, having had their credits for the semester they were suspended taken away, despite having completed almost half of a semester’s worth of schoolwork. Their financial aid and academic progress were affected by the suspension, but despite these hardships they are now being forced to accept extra punishment.

Why does CUNY feel the need to repress and silence RSCC and its leaders? Because we are exposing the growing contradictions between CUNY and the communities it is supposed to serve. The CUNY administration is trying to corporatize the university, and trying to attract wealthier students from outside of New York City, while becoming less accessible to the working class communities of the city. It is no wonder that a community center won through a struggle led by students and the community was targeted by the CUNY administration to be shut down. In the past, oppressed nationality students fought militant struggles to force the CUNY administration to open the university up to the community. Now, as CUNY is rolling back whatever gains were made in the 60s and the 70s, it is the duty of students to fight on behalf of the communities of NYC to liberate CUNY for the people!

Support our campaign and sign the petition!

Support our campaign and sign the petition!


The CUNY administration may believe that it can put an end to the revolutionary student movement by having a few leaders arrested, but as long as the oppression and exploitation of our communities continues, we will always be ready to fight!

Liberate CUNY for the People!


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