Solidarity with those arrested in Murrieta! Stop the detention of migrant children!

Solidarity with those arrested! Fight against fascist racism! Drop the Charges!

For the last week, right wing, anti-immigrant protesters have been blocking and harassing buses in Murrieta, California transporting migrant youth to detention centers, due to racist fears of immigrants being in their communities. Anti-racist, anti-fascist counter-protests were organized by the people of the community in opposition to the right wing protesters blocking the buses.


At the rally on July 4th, five people were brutally arrested by police, in a confrontation that began with an anti-immigrant protester physically assaulting someone from the anti-racist, anti-fascist counter protest. One of the arrested had a knee shoved into his back, another was choked and another had her arm twisted severely. They have now been released, but charged with felonies and assaulting officers.

RSCC stands in solidarity with those who were arrested for confronting racist reactionaries seeking to harass and scare immigrants. We demand that all the charges be dropped immediately!

Stop the deportations and detentions! US imperialism must be smashed!

If it’s an ‘immigration crisis’ it’s also an IMPERIALIST crisis and we have to do what we can to support people who are impacted and displaced by Amerikan actions indirectly through policies and directly through US intervention, military occupation, or destabilization of other countries and economies.”One of the arrested five, Jessica Rey

The issue of immigration is an issue of imperialism. Capitalist empires such as the US seek to increase the areas they are able to dominate and exploit, oppressing and destroying countries in the process. People from oppressed countries migrate to countries such as the US in order to survive, very often becoming criminalized as their existence is made illegal by the laws and courts of the imperialist ruling class. On the one hand the ruling class super-exploits illegalized immigrants as cheap labor, on the other hand it must terrorize immigrant communities through deportations and repression in order to suppress the revolutionary potential of one of the most oppressed sections of US society.

Right now many migrant children from Latin American countries are being rounded up at the border and detained in camps. The ruling class is attempting to militarize and secure the border with Mexico even further now in order to keep out children that seek to escape the instability created by US imperialism to begin with. What is the historical relationship between US imperialism and Latin America?


It is a relationship of empire and colony; from the Monroe Doctrine, to propping up right wing dictatorships and carrying out genocidal experiments, to NAFTA and supporting drug cartels, etc. leaving many Latin American countries destabilized and wrapped in crises. It is in these conditions created by the ravenous appetite of imperialism that we see many children trekking many miles on their own to reach the US border, where armed men (whether federal agents or racists with guns) and mass graves of migrants mark the colonial border between the empire and the oppressed countries.

This is how the world works under the control of the capitalist ruling class, and revolutionaries must organize for the overthrow of capitalism and all of its empires. The arrests in Murrieta demonstrate that brave, revolutionary young people are willing to take a stand against imperialism and anti-immigrant racism. RSCC has also faced severe repression for leading struggles against the imperialist machine in CUNY; our solidarity with the anti-fascist protests in Murrieta is grounded in a commitment to overthrowing capitalism for a world where children are not locked in detention camps and imperialism is not oppressing and destroying their countries.


Drop the charges against the anti-racist protesters in Murrieta!

Stop the detention of child migrants!

Destroy US imperialism!


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