Self determination for Palestinians!

Uphold the right of return!

Stop Israeli genocide and airstrikes now!

Right now Israel is raining hellfire on Gaza with its airstrikes, killing children and civilians left and right. The death toll is nearing 100, rising every hour, with hundreds more sustaining brutal injuries. Israel is making preparations for a possible ground invasion while the entire world pleads it to back off. All over the world people are rallying to demand Israel stop slaughtering Palestinians; here in NYC thousands of young people have been taking the streets to protest the genocide. Bourgeois governments that facilitate exploitation and imperialism cannot even turn a blind eye to the blatantly genocidal attacks anymore- various European governments are calling for divestment and even the US government cannot help but warn Israel that it is going too far.

But will Israel stop the genocide? No. Violence against Palestinians is the very basis of Israel’s existence. It is not only when rockets and missiles are flying that Israel is committing violence against Palestinians. It is every day when it is expanding settlements, bulldozing Palestinians out of their homes, allowing Israeli settlers and security forces to kill Palestinians without reprise, denying the Palestinian diaspora the right of return, cutting families away from each other with apartheid walls, cutting off water and supplies to Palestinian towns, etc.  Even within the colonial borders of Israel, Palestinians face much national oppression and are rebelling right now.

Israel can only exist by oppressing Palestinians. It is a settler colonial state that does not represent the Jewish people of the world- since it was created. Instead, it is the vanguard of imperialism in the Middle East.

RSCC fights national oppression committed against oppressed communities in NYC, which are internal colonies in the US. Our main struggle is to open up the campuses of CUNY to the communities of oppressed nationality, working class people in order to transform it into a base area for liberation struggles. For communities of Puerto Ricans, a people whose country is still held as a US colony; for communities from South Asia, which are subject to Islamophobic violence; for Black communities which are terrorized by the constant threat of death and harassment from the NYPD. There are many such communities of oppressed people in this city, and just as we uphold their rights and liberation struggles, we uphold the rights and liberation struggle of Palestine.

We uphold the right of self determination for Palestinians- the right to control the entire occupied territory of Palestine. We uphold the right of Palestinians around the world to return to the homes from which they were evicted by Israel, so that the many families which hold onto the keys of their homes can live the dream of returning to their land. We uphold the right of Palestinians to defend themselves against racist attacks by the settler colonial, genocidal state of Israel.



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