Solidarity with the Students of Jadavpur University! Down with the Repressive Police State!

Jadavpur students hold massive protest governor gives moral support-692x389_0

On September 17th, hundreds of students at Jadavpur University protested against gender violence on campus. Police were called in and they brutally beat the protesters and arrested 35 students. The arrested students were taken to jail where they continued to face police violence.

Last month, a female student was molested on Jadavpur University campus. When the university failed to comply with the students’ demands on how to address the issue, which included the increase of security around campus, students protested to demand justice for all women who are victimized by sexual and physical violence at the university.

_77733903_photo2Being faced with sexist policies, police brutality, and extreme repression, the students have waged a larger movement by taking the streets and refusing to attend classes until the resignation of Pro-Vice Chancellor, Abhijit Chakrabarti, the man who called the police on the students while they protested outside his office on the 17th. The chancellor represents the repressive institution as a whole, to the students.

RSCC struggles for the liberation of all CUNY schools, which includes opening up the universities to working class people, and the removal of all administrators who harass and punish students for political organizing or for politically dissenting to the institution’s policies. Jadavpur’s administration targeted the students as threats because they publicly challenged the injustices that exist within the university. The university is a system that seeks to reproduce a society that will protect the ruling class and will never challenge the functioning of the patriarchal, capitalist system. The state does not want students to bring the spirit of radical change into an institution whose real function serves as to maintain a social order where people are subjected to oppression in every aspect of their lives- not just when it comes to education but access to basic necessities such as housing, health care, or proper resources for mothers.

It is no coincidence that the Jadavpur University’s administration ignored the issues of gender violence, an issue 268510-juthat is commonly looked over in patriarchal, capitalist societies and their institutions. We want the liberation of all oppressed women and we extend full support to the students who organize at Jadavpur for an end to gender violence and discrimination against women.

We want an end to police brutality, harassment, and intimidation in our communities here in the US. We police to be permanently banned from our universities because they are a tool to keep students obedient to the capitalist structure that reproduces itself within the university. We want any security force to be controlled by the community.

We fully support the students of Jadavpur University and their struggle for a university that is run for the people, by the people!

Smash patriarchy, feudalism, capitalism, imperialism and every mountain that weighs down on the people!


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