Condemn US Imperialism In Syria!

Recently the US began launching airstrikes in Syria to target the Islamic State, in which several civilians have already been killed. This comes after three years of the US trying to destabilize Syria through arming and financing rebels sympathetic to imperialism and Islamic fundamentalists. The US ruling class is trying to turn Syria into a battleground for its conflicts with Russia, which the Syrian masses are paying for with their lives. The ruling class does not care for the well being of the Syrian masses, nor the people of the US; while large funds are available for war and aggression, cities in the US can go without water, Black people are killed every day, people are forced to work multiple jobs for starvation wages, etc. Imperialism and its allies cannot defeat their own reactionary creation, in fact US aggression is helping the Islamic State to recruit more fighters.

RSCC condemns the imperialist airstrikes on Syria, and all supporters and allies of imperialism! We call for all progressive, radical and revolutionary forces to condemn imperialist aggression in Syria, and every part of the world!


2 thoughts on “Condemn US Imperialism In Syria!

  1. This has to be the most incompetent article i have ever read,
    “Recently the US began launching airstrikes in Syria to target the Islamic State”
    Are you accepting Isis as a state? Liberals or incompetent, i don’t know how to categorize your group.

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