Our Lives Don’t Matter: A Call to Action for National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

This October 22, organizations all over the country commemorate the National Day of Action Against Police Brutality. The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee calls on all youth and students to join the rally in Union Square to stand with the families of the people who fell victims to the relentless violence the U.S. state exerts on oppressed nationality people here and abroad.

In light of the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the people rightfully rose up to confront the racist violence they face at the hands of the state. The state, not used to being denounced and confronted by the people they daily oppress, responded with militarized repression. The murder of Eric Garner a couple months prior is another example of the daily violence communities of color, especially working class Latino and Black communities, witness in their neighborhoods and towns. The murder of Filipina trans-woman Jennifer Laude at the hands of a U.S. Marine proves that U.S. state violence goes beyond its national borders and into all its neo-colonies.

Mothers and fathers don’t feel safe to let their children go out any more for they fear a trigger-happy cop will “confuse” their cellphones, candy wraps, or even their empty hands with a gun, and shoot to death. Communities don’t feel safe with the presence of intrusive policing which will use the tiniest act as an excuse to arrest them. Immigrants live in fear knowing that any brush with the authorities can lead to the separation of their families.

The police play a key role in society as part of the repressive state apparatus. In class society, the imbalance of power between the bourgeoisie and the large mass of workers is an antagonistic contradiction which creates the potential for revolution. The function of the state is to deal with this contradiction by either passing concessions that ease some of the pain off the worker’s backs or by outright repression. The police, as the armed wing of the state, is not there to provide order and security to the masses, but rather to provide order and security to the ruling class by repressing the anger of the proletariat. The police is a tool of class oppression, and in a white supremacist state such as the U.S. it is a tool of racial oppression as well.

Activists all over the country rise up and declare that Black lives matter, Brown lives matter, trans lives matter, women lives matter, and all of our lives matter. But the reality points otherwise.

Our lives don’t matter. If they mattered, we would not have 400,000 immigrants being separated from their families every year and countless of people dying at the border. If our lives mattered, we would not have a Black person dying at the hands police every 48 hours, more than the rate of lynching in the Jim Crow era South. If our lives mattered, we would not have women and LGBTQ people being murdered everyday due to gender violence. If our lives mattered, we would not see students in Iguala being dragged out of their towns and burned alive so as to silent their voices in face of neo-liberal reform.

No, our lives don’t matter. They matter to our families, to our people, and to our comrades, but they definitely don’t matter to the imperialist, capitalist, and white supremacist U.S. state.

It is from this basic understanding that we must then ask the question: how do we make them matter? We know that no reform will give us freedom, no new law will grant us safety, and no elected official can ensure our lives are respected. We know that only collective action, only organization, and only the overthrow of the racist, capitalist, imperialist U.S. state will open the door to the liberation we so eagerly seek. Only by fighting for revolution we will open the possibility of a future where we can all be safe and free from violence.

This October 22 we extend our invitation to the youth and students in New York and all over the country to join us in commemoration of the National Day of Action Against Police Brutality. We remember all the brothers and sisters we have lost to state violence, and renovate our compromise to seek justice. We fight, we will resist, and we will build for a future where all of our lives matter.

Event Page for Details: https://www.facebook.com/events/176185359389533/


2 thoughts on “Our Lives Don’t Matter: A Call to Action for National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

  1. What a difference a day makes twenty four hours. Now just remember we live in America and as sure as your born they cannot readily lynch us at will but they can lynch us on paper and in the courtroom. So where is our justice. And when you say black I want to see black leadership and black goals and tell those folk to get off the money and leave us alone. Because Ben Carson may not win do who is our blessed hope? I belong to God and I am giving notice on the devil that your time is short because black people have suffered enough. Dr. King was a man of God but some people feel that other races gained more than we do now what’s the point.

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