CUNY Students Disrupt NY State Governor Cuomo

CUNY students protested NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo when he came to speak at Hostos Community College. Although the university told students that it would be a forum to ask the governor questions, it turned out to be a Democratic Party function for Cuomo to promote himself for elections. RSCC, DREAM Teams and Students for Justice in Palestine organized a disruption and a protest in order to make it clear that the enemies of the people are not welcome in our university. Cuomo was condemned for failing to push the NYS DREAM Act, raising tuition in CUNY and his support for Israel.


Andrew Cuomo represents the enemies of the people, the capitalist ruling class. During his campaign speech he chanted “Si se puede!” in support of the DREAM Act but failed to push the NYS DREAM Act earlier this year as he promised to do. The capitalist ruling class does not want to extend citizenship to undocumented immigrants, even if it is forced to make concessions because of mass struggles for the DREAM Act. The capitalist ruling class wants to keep immigrants illegalized so as to have cheap labor to super-exploit. This is why the state oppresses immigrant communities through deportations and incarcerations, so as to prevent the rise of a movement that will challenge capitalism and imperialism.


Cuomo is raising tuition in CUNY by $300 every year. Tuition in CUNY is a racist barrier to locking out oppressed nationality communities. CUNY used to be a majority white school, but in 1969 militant Black and Puerto Rican students led strikes and occupations that won open admissions, allowing oppressed communities to have access to higher education. After oppressed nationality students became the majority in CUNY, tuition was implemented during the 1976 fiscal crisis (in a university that remained free through world wars and a great depression). Taking away remedial classes, implementing tuition, enforcing racist admissions, systematically exclusive admissions practices (placement exams, standardized tests etc.)- The ruling class has fought to reverse the gains of the people’s struggle to control CUNY.


Over the summer while the IDF was bombing Palestinians to death in Gaza, Cuomo visited the terrorist state of Israel to express solidarity. It is the ruling class of the US capitalist empire that supports Israel as its outpost in the Middle East. Unless US imperialism falls, Israel will be able to continue to commit genocide against Palestinians.

We want the ruling class to understand that the enemies of the people are not welcome in our university, and we will be there to remind them if they show up whether it is David Petraeus or Andrew Cuomo.

Liberate CUNY for the people!

NYS DREAM Act now!

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!

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