Revolutionary Youth and Students lead NYC March for Mike Brown

It was obvious throughout the entire case that Darren Wilson would not be indicted. Black lives do not matter to the white supremacist state, which is why every 28 hours a Black life is taken by police or vigilantes. The executions of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, Akai Gurley and so many others are nothing less than genocide.

Thousands poured into the streets of NYC to protest the verdict letting the killer pig Darren Wilson free.

Thousands poured into the streets of NYC to protest the verdict letting the killer pig Darren Wilson free.

The masses of people refusing to accept the verdict of the courts of white supremacy took to the streets all over the US. It was in the streets where the people delivered a guilty verdict with our voices and our feet. In NYC many chants called for revolution to do away with the courts and the police that serve the white supremacist, capitalist ruling class; only when the masses have taken away the power of the ruling class to oppress us and commit genocide against Black and Brown people will we be able to declare Darren Wilson and all other agents of white supremacy as being guilty, and be able to deliver justice.

Thousands of people poured into the streets in NYC to demand justice for Mike Brown, and spent 6 hours marching all throughout the city- beginning in Union Square and ending at the Harlem state office building. There were also rallies at colleges like Hunter, City, and Queens where revolutionary students gathered their classmates to declare their anger at the verdict which lets yet another enemy of the people walk free.


Rally at Queens College.


Rally at City College

Most of the march was led by a revolutionary youth and students contingent carrying a red flag. Young people from Students for Justice in Palestine, DREAM teams, Students for a Democratic Society and Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee were a part of this contingent. Throughout the day they organized mobilizations on campuses all throughout the city to demand justice; at the City College of New York a protest and March, at Hunter College a speak out and a banner drop. The contingent bravely led the march past police and occupied various highways, shutting down traffic for miles. Everywhere the march went, people honked their horns in support, joined us in the streets and chanted alongside us. At a march the day before, people threw fake blood on police- including commissioner Bill Bratton!


Who do we want? Darren Wilson! How do we want him? Dead!

The people reject the genocidal order of capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy. The people will continue to march for Mike Brown and all of our martyrs. The task of revolutionary youth and students is to build movements to fight for oppressed people and the working class, to fight for revolution! We must build up the struggle in our schools, in our communities, at our workplaces. We must fight to strip the ruling class of its power, so they can’t kill us or lock us up anymore. Revolutionary youth and students in NYC are committed to the struggle to smash capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy.

Smash capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy!

Justice for Mike Brown and all victims of police brutality!

All stand with Ferguson: Fist up! Fight back!


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