Justice for Mike Brown! Smash the U.S. white supremacist state!

We have in front of us yet another example of how in a white supremacist nation the armed thugs of the state can unjustly deny a person the right to live – especially if this person is not white – without suffering consequences. Instead, the consequences fall on the people who do not hold shields, wear bulletproof vests, ride in state-of-the-art vehicles, or sport state-of-the-art guns, such as the people of Ferguson, Missouri.


Youth stand up in solidarity with the people of Ferguson. Smash the white supremacist state!

Ferguson was turned into a war zone by the state in response to the people demanding justice for a murder, where heavily armed Call-of-Duty trained men with badges raided the streets, and shot people with rubber bullets for stepping out of their homes. A few days ago, state of emergency was declared in Ferguson. The state Governor Jay Nixon called in the National Guard and arranged for massive police presence in case Darren Wilson was not indicted for the crime of killing unarmed 18-year-old Mike Brown. Not entirely unexpected given the record where police officers, especially white, are able to walk away with murder.

Varying degrees of crimes against the people such as the killings of Trayvon Martin and Shereese Francis back in 2012 are defended with money and power, i.e. the public media painting a vilifying picture of the victim, exaggerated or false accounts of events by uniformed bodies, mocking and intimidating voices of dissent, and of course letting the actual criminal walk away.

Mike Brown’s killing led to the protests in Ferguson, and of course, the final verdict of his murderer Darren Wilson paints a perfect picture of this all too familiar process. A process that is a sharp indicator of the cultural practices of the United States towards the non-white and the poor. But such a culture is only expected of a nation built on enslavement and genocide. A nation born out of theft of land and massacre of indigenous people, nourished by the abduction and enslavement of African people, and thriving from the colonization and bombing of Third World people.


Speak out held in Union Square.

Just because there is a day celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. does not mean that racism has been eliminated and Black people have truly been liberated. No, in fact racism has been sitting comfortably as it was in the beginning; it’s only been disguised with little treats like an MLK day or Affirmative Action so that people are fooled into believing actual progress is being made.

With little treats, bigger issues are buried and pointing fingers at the oppressed people become easier for the state. Affirmative Action did little to ensure a Black person’s chance of being hired at the same job as a white person, the school system did little to ensure Black students are educated same way as white students, and the justice system did nothing to ensure justice is served to a Black victim of murder as opposed to a white victim of murder.

Instead, we see Black neighborhoods woven with poverty while white neighborhoods thrive, funding cuts being handed to majority Black schools, young Black men and women be thrown in prison – for petty or no crime at all – for lengthy periods of time, and of course the occasional killing of someone like Mike Brown by a state thug like Darren Wilson. This is a racism in a systematic scale. This is white supremacy: a system where the racist ideas of the ruling class are reproduced by the media, schools, and other state institutions to perpetuate the subjugation of non-white people with the purpose of facilitating capitalist exploitation.


Countless lives taken by the white supremacist state in what amounts to nothing less than a slow genocide against the people.

Darren Wilson has walked away backed by the state, facing no consequences, promoting regular patrolling of more black neighborhoods, and throwing more Black people in prison and taking more Black lives.

We need true change, not small treats. We need to pull racism out by the roots of our society by working to smash the white supremacist state that allows for the killings of Mike Brown, and countless others sisters and brothers. Every 28 hour a black person is killed by police. We must organize to crush the white supremacist state, so that society no longer produce another Darren Wilson.

Dare to struggle! Dare to win!

Victory to the people of Ferguson!

Justice for Mike Brown!

Overthrow the white supremacist state!


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