March for Eric Garner! Until we all can breathe free!

Last week, November 24, the courts of the U$ failed to indict the brute cop who murdered teenager Mike Brown, in Ferguson, MO. Yesterday the courts, or as Huey P. Newton called them “the circus,”of the U$ once again failed to indict the brute cop that took the life of Eric Garner, a 42-year-old father, in Staten Island.


Marches across the city. We stand up against injustice.

Witnesses say Garner broke up a fight. Cops say they responded to a complaint about him selling “lucys,” single cigarettes. Regardless, none warrant a death. A video shows Garner saying, “I have had enough. It’s always the same thing,” implying that these cops have harassed him before.

The video then showed a white male cop coming from behind Garner and placing him in an choke-hold – which is deemed illegal by the NYPD. Garner is forced to the ground, while still being choked by the cop. Garner painstakingly attempted to tell the cops, “I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe.” Minutes later Garner was dead.

However, today’s police violence is not new. We have seen what the imperialist state is capable of. The U$ government has killed with impunity since its conception. Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and many more have been victims of practices that date back centuries, starting with the genocide of the First Nations by the white settlers, and the enslavement of Afrikans to sustain industry in the North and Europe. From the death of the young brother in Brooklyn who was “accidentally” shot by a coward cop in the halls of a housing projects (that happened in mid-November 2014, a few weeks ago), to the acquittal of the vicious cops that beat Rodney King in the 90s, to Button Hutton in the 70s, and Emit Till in the 50s, the state has made the point that the lives of Black people don’t count. The tools of the current oppressive regime, the brute cops, have been getting acquitted for murdering people of oppressed nationalities since day one.

Many folks agree, “The system is fucked up.” Revolutionaries have identified this system to be capitalism. As a system built on the exploitation of the working class, capitalism has used the idea of race and white supremacy to created violence and division among the masses. The white supremacist state maintains its rule by enforcing racist policies like stop and frisk , stand your ground, and broken windows that allow the armed thugs of the state, i.e. the pigs, to commit violence against our communities with impunity.

We stand with the people of Mexico and their fight against state terror. We stand with the people of Ferguson, who are on the front lines facing the state. We stand with those in Palestine fighting the Zionist Israeli state. And tomorrow we must stand with our people in New York City and across the U$ to fight against the white supremacist state that keeps denying our people justice in the face of violence.

The Black Panthers, the Young Lords, the Brown Berets, and many other groups from the past understood that the system of capitalism did not work for their communities and needed to be replaced. However, it is wrong to believe that the system will be overthrown on its own. It is incorrect to think revolution is spontaneously come about from movementism, such as the one we see arising from the death of Eric Garner and Mike Brown. Revolution takes work. We must organize among each of our communities and across different issues so as to create a united front strong enough to one day face our common enemy: the capitalist ruling class.

RSCC puts out a call to all those who cringe at the sight of injustice to join the march at Foley Square at 5:30 p.m. today.

Let’s not raise our hands in surrender.Let’s raise our fists in resistance.

Let’s not ask the system for justice. Let’s smash it and get justice ourselves.

Let’s just not march for one night. But let these be some of the many steps we should take in the long march toward a tomorrow with no state violence against the people, no injustice, no oppression, no white supremacy and no capitalism.

Justice for Eric Garner!

Down with the capitalist white supremacist state!

Fist up! Fight back!


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