Join the Millions March! Down With the Capitalist Police State!

This Saturday, December 13, thousands will march to condemn the blatant impunity with which the state murders and oppresses the black community. The police will be mobilized accordingly to quell the justified anger of the people. They will be ready with paper spray, batons, riot gear, armored vehicles, tear gas, and sonic weapons to punish the population for daring to rebel against their terrorist rule.

Take the fight to the state!

Take the fight to the state!

The community has had enough. We underwent years of terror when Giuliani sent his armed thugs to terrorize our neighborhoods and jail our brothers and sisters for draconian drug charges. We underwent 12 more years when Bloomberg and Kelly took the intimidation of our people even further by sending the pigs to stop and frisk us, making us afraid of stepping out of our homes. Now with de Blasio and Bratton, the oppression continues by criminalizing even the smallest infractions to the law with broken windows policing.

The truth is that no mayor or city authority will ever make things better for the black, brown and other oppressed nationalities communities. No new law or policy will reverse the centuries of slavery, imperialism, and colonial violence. New York City and its institutions only serve the interest of the capitalist ruling elites and they serve neither the interests of the working class nor the interest of the poor people. With rent rising all over, gentrification kicking our communities out of our homes, it is only natural they would also send their armed thugs to terrorize us so we leave the city for good. We also see this trend of displacement in the public education system with rising tuition, the return of the ROTC, and crack down on progressive student activities.


Whose streets?

Police play a key role in society, carrying out the dirty work of the state by violently repressing political dissidence. As part of the repressive state apparatus, police are there to inflict violence when the working class and the people decide to organize to protest their oppression by the ruling bourgeoisie. In a white supremacist state such as the U.S., the police also enforce white supremacist rule by unleashing their aggression on the black and brown masses that conform a great portion of the working class.

This is why this Saturday we won’t raise our hands and ask the pigs not to shoot us. There will be more Mike Browns, more Eric Garners and Aiyana Jones, because as long as the white supremacist capitalist U.S. state stands, our people will continue falling victims to its violence. We will instead raise our fist and pledge to fight back this violence by standing together to protect our communities. In a society where our lives don’t matter, it takes us to make them matter.

Student and youth contingent meets in Cooper Square on Saturday @ 1 p.m.

March starts from Washington Square Park @ 2 p.m.

Justice for the victims of police violence!

Stop the brutal policing of working class black and brown communities!

Down with white supremacy!

Fist up! Fight back!


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