Donate to the TMOC Bail Fund! Get protesters out of jail!

Fellow organizers from the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee need our help!

After an action in the Brooklyn Bridge where two pigs got hurt while carrying their mission to repress the justified anger of the masses, different protester have been taken into custody.

An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.

Members the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee, one of the many groups that has been organizing the protests, have seen their comrades detained by the pigs for the simple act of demonstrating their anger at the deadly violence the police inflicts on black people on daily basis.

Donate here.

The police and their master in the ruling class and city government are ready to take any violent action to quash the protests. In the mean time, they will use their bourgeois legal system to jail and persecute the organizers in an effort to deter others from continuing with the demonstrations.

With these actions the police show their utter disregard for the lives of the people they kill, and their desire to continue their murderous campaign against the people undisturbed.


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