RSCC Stands in Solidarity with Striking Teachers in Canada! Fair Contracts for All Educators!

Students in Canada in solidarity with the educators.

Students in Canada in solidarity with the educators.

Educators, teaching assistants, and graduate assistants from York University in Canada are on strike after the university gave them an unsatisfying contract that does not met their demands for fair salaries and compensation. Units 1 and 3 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903 will picket their classes with support from students from the Revolutionary Student Movement to show the administration of York University that students and their teachers will stand united against their unwillingness to provide their workers with fair contracts to maintain themselves and their families.

In the CUNY system, we see the same thing with the way the university treats their adjunct professors. Despite adjuncts being the base of CUNY’s academic workforce, they face lack of job security, unfair contracts, and underpaid positions. Adjuncts take up the brunt of classes, but they are seen as expendable by the administration who sees no problem with exploiting the biggest section of their workforce as they continue to exclude working class, oppressed nationality students from the university. It is with this usually young, underpaid academic workforce where CUNY students first come in contact with the ideas and ideologies which they can use to liberate their communities from capitalist and imperialist oppression.

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee stands in solidarity with the striking educators of CUPE 3903 Units 1 and 3, and unite in their call to York University for a fair contract that appropriately recognizes the contributions of this workforce. We extend our solidarity to the Revolutionary Student Movement in their decision not to cross the picket lines set up by their teachers against the will of the administration of the university. We call on all progressive student groups in the U.S. to raise their voices in support of our comrades from Canada.



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