Pack the Court Rooms! Defend RSCC Comrades Against Police Repression!


More than 100 protesters were arrested in tonight’s crackdown, including three RSCC comrades. [Not the actual picture]

Three RSCC comrades were specifically targeted and brutally arrested last night, Wednesday, April 29, as they took the streets once again to protest the outright genocide being committed against Black people at the hands of the police all over the country.

Like in Baltimore, the people in NYC congregated and decided to take the streets to condemn state violence they experience in their communities. But this time, the pigs decided to crack down on protestors proving once again the very nature of the white supremacist state under which we all live. All over the city, over 100 protesters were arrested.

The state is scared of the way the movement against police killings of our people has revealed that their true purpose is to maintain the peace for the ruling class, at the same time they commit violence against oppressed communities and the working class generally for the sake of maintaining their capitalist white supremacist rule.

We call on all supporters to stand with RSCC and the more than 100 people arrested in last night’s protests. Meet in 100 Centre Street this Thursday, April 30, at 9 a.m.

Let’s show the repressive state and the pigs who serve it that the people will not stay quiet as they murder our communities and jail our revolutionary youth.

All out against police repression!

Freedom to our comrades and all protestors!

Fists up! Fight back!

Please, help us cover the legal fees for our comrades. Click the “Donate” button in the right column.


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