Pack the Courts! All Out in Support of Arrested Protesters!

Our three comrades from RSCC are still being held inside 100 Centre Street waiting to be arranged. They were brutally arrested during last night’s protests after witnessing unprecedented police repression. More than 200 protesters were arrested last night during the brutal crack down the NYPD waged against those that seek to lead their communities in the fight against a white supremacist police state that kills them and oppresses them.



Khalil, Amanda and Luis were leading the people to denounce the white supremacist brutality our communities suffer at the hands of the police state in the U.S. The pigs surrounded the protesters as they attempted to prevent them from marching into the streets.  



The police is not there to serve and protect, but to outright repress any sort of resistance from the people to their brutal rule. The New York Times put up an article documenting many of the arrestees in previous protests were asked their political affiliations. This only shows the repressive nature of the state which exists to repress the working class when this wages class struggle against its oppressors. In a white supremacist state such as the US, the state also exist to repress the oppressed nationality people with brutal and often deadly force.



The youth and the people of New York must show their outrage at this blatant act of repression against organizers who only want to see their communities free from the violence the state wages on them on daily basis.

We are still waiting for them to get out. Come show support at 100 Centre Street. Let’s tell the white supremacist capitalist state that we will not tolerate the repression of our people at the hands of police.

Free all protesters!

Drop all charges!

Fist Up! Fight back!






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