All Out Against Obama: President of the Imperialist US State!


Obama is #1 Enemy of the People

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On Monday, May 4, Barack Obama, the head of the imperialist US state, will give a closed-door presentation in Lehman College in the Bronx. His presence in the CUNY system is an insult to all the oppressed nationality youth and working class people who attend the university. Obama is an enemy of the people who has deported more than 2 million immigrants, escalated the drone bombing campaign in the Middle East which has caused the death of thousands of innocent civilians, continuously supported the genocidal Israeli state, given arms to the Mexican government so it can use them to murder the Mexican people, as well as other attacks against the people throughout the world.

As if this was not enough, he will presenting My Brother’s Keeper, an initiative supposedly to help inner city youth achieve their goals. At the same time, Obama has said next to nothing about the systemic killings of Black people by the militarized police departments all over the country. Whenever he says something, it is support the same state that murders Black and Latino and working class people. Obama deployed the National Guard in both Ferguson and Baltimore to quell the justified rebellion against state violence.

Obama’s immigration policies rip families apart daily. Hundreds of people die trying to cross the ever more militarized US-Mexico border. In Central America, US imperialist intervention has engendered instability in the region forcing many to flee across Mexico into the deadly arms of the US Border Patrol. There, entire families are jailed in cold and dirty private detention centers where many of the detainees have reported sexual abuse by the guards. This is all due to the anti-immigrant policies being enforced by the Obama administration.

ICE, like the NYPD, the military and Homeland Security is a repressive state apparatus that protects the interests of the capitalist class through force.

Obama has deported more people than any other president.

We must show the city and the world that the students and the community of New York will not stand for yet another imperialist to walk freely into our campuses. He must be denounced by the same people his policies affect: undocumented immigrants, poor and working class people, and all those victims of US imperialism.

Meet in front of Lehman College’s Bookstore at 12:30 p.m. for a speak-out and a protest. Let this enemy of the people know that he is not welcomed in this university or any other university as long as there are people actively fighting against imperialist oppression in their campuses and communities.

Stop all deportations! Freedom to all detainees!

Down with the Merida Plan!

Stop all drone bombings!

Down with US imperialism!




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