Justice for Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman! Condemn Police Lynching of Black Women!


Too many names.

The RSCC calls all its followers to come out to demand justice for Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman, two women who died while in custody of the police in mysterious circumstances. For long the deaths of Black women at the hands of the state have been overlooked by the media and Leftists alike as if their lives were less valuable than the lives of men, even when in 20 percent of the cases of police murders of Black people the victims are women.

Overlooking the deaths of Black women serves to hide the genocidal nature of the white supremacist US state. It helps to perpetuate the myth that pigs only murder those persons who were being aggressive and a threat to society. It hides from the fact that police murder Black people because they are a genocidal force inside our communities with the sole purpose of jailing and exterminating our population because we constitute surplus labor to the capitalist system.

Sandra was an activist of the Black Lives Matter movement, and was well informed of her rights. In the video of her arrests she is heard speaking out against the injustice she is being put through. This is why we cannot see her death as only an act of police violence, but we should also see as an act of blatant police repression. We must not doubt for a second the willingness of the capitalist white supremacist US state to use violence to those that pose a threat to their genocidal rule.

sandra and kindra

Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman, two women lynched by the police while in custody.

It would be a dishonor to the memory of Sandra Bland, Kindra Chapman, and the hundreds of people who die at the hands of the white supremacist patriarchal state every year if we just light candles and make moments of silence. It would be an in insult to their lives if we keep chanting “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” as if the white supremacist state cared whether our hands were up or not before deciding to shoot us. It would be an insult to their memory if we just went to a rally or a march, and didn’t go back to our communities to organize against the very system that didn’t let Sandra and Kindra live.

If we really want to honor their lives, if we really want to make their lives matter, then we must organize against the white supremacist police terrorist state that is killing our people every eight hours. We must go back to our communities, build with the people, serve their needs, and arm them against police presence.

The more we fail to act, the more we fail to see these killings as an act of war, the more of our people will die at the hands of this police terror, and we will only have ourselves to blame. This is a genocide, and asking for peace in the face of genocide is siding with the oppressors.

Rally starts at 5 p.m. in Union Square this Wednesday July 22.

Justice for Sandra Bland and Kindra Chapman!

Smash the white supremacist genocidal state!

Fist up! Fight Back!




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