Abolish Columbus Day Every Day! Celebrate Native Resistance, not White Settler Genocide!

Columbus Day is an important holiday in the calendar of the white supremacist US nation. It is a holiday which celebrates the beginning of the genocide and enslavement of the First Nations people of this continent, and the beginning of the processes that would lead to the formation of the United States as a capitalist white settler colonial B0qMBgHIEAE3oeEcountry. Far from celebrating this nefarious date, we as the descendants of colonized and enslaved people must celebrate the centuries-old resistance of our people in the face of white settler and colonial aggression.

Columbus Day is not only a day off for us. It is a reminder that we still live under the brutal rule of the white supremacist state, that we still live under its laws, that our people still face genocide at the hands of its police, and people all over the world still face colonial aggression in the form of imperialist policies that ravages their countries and plunders their resources, pretty much what Columbus did upon arriving to this continent. For us, Columbus Day is every single day of our lives.

The schools and the media promote Columbus Day because they
are part of the tumblr_inline_nfpqbo9nA11qbqateideological machines that legitimize the oppression of our communities. We are taught history from a Eurocentric perspective which makes the colonizers the heroes, and the resistance of our people is viewed as a small little act of disobedience in the face of a superior power. A scientific, historical materialist analysis of history proves otherwise. Our people fought the colonizers since the day they arrived, and their descendants, us, are still resisting till this day.

Many cities in the US have decided to drop Columbus Day and instead proclaim the Indigenous People’s Day. However, this symbolic gesture does not erase the hundreds of years of genocide at the hands of the settler colonial state. Native people are killed at disproportionate rates by the police. Important natural resources in Native lands are mined and contaminated by predatory corporations that only care about their profit margin while ignoring the plight of our community.

Only an active organized resistance against the oppression of our people can guarantee our liberation. Only by organizing to take control of our land, our schools, and our natural resources can we achieve to dismantle the very society that benefits from our subjugation. We must demand complete autonomy for all Native nations in this continent. We must demand schools to teach our people their true history of struggle so as to train the next generation of fighters for our liberation. We must demand reparations for our people for the centuries of suffering under the white supremacist rule. More than changing the name of a day off, we must celebrate the centuries-long struggle of our people by continuing the struggle today.


It is in this spirit of struggle that we extend our support and endorsement to the rally and march being called by our comrades of the Red Nation in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on October 12 for the Indigenous People’s Day of Resistance and Resilience. In the statement written by The Red Nation, Melanie Yazzie speaks about the purpose of The Red Nation creation…

“The Red Nation formed in November 2014 out of a desire to contribute to the widespread resurgence of strong, vocal, organized and radical Indigenous struggle in Albuquerque and beyond. We formed to address the marginalization and invisibility of Indigenous struggles within mainstream social justice organizing, and to speak out and strategically fight against the ongoing destruction of Indigenous life and land.”

We The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee stand side by side with The Red Nation to demand an end to the state and corporate violence against Native communities and plant the seeds for a larger struggle for liberation here in the belly of the beast.

Abolish Columbus Day every day! Celebrate resistance, not genocide!

Self-determination for all oppressed people!

Fist up! Fight back!


4 thoughts on “Abolish Columbus Day Every Day! Celebrate Native Resistance, not White Settler Genocide!

  1. You can fight all you like boyo…it changes nothing.We one this continent fair and square by right of conquest.It’s only natural that Stone Age savages,give way to their betters.

  2. lol bunch of do nothing faggots. At least Columbus did something with his life, not sit in front of screen whining

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