It Is Right to Resist Genocide! Condemn Settler Colonial Violence!

In past couple of weeks we have seen a spike in the settler aggression against Palestinians that has been largely ignored by Zionist US media. In response, Palestinians began to organize and resist the settler aggressors with all they have: stones, knifes, and their biggest weapon of all – the resilience of their people.

In response to the rightful acts of resistance by the Palestinians, Zionist organizations are raising their voices to condemn attacks on Israeli settlers with theatrics such as a “Jewish Lives Matter” rally to be held in Times Square this Sunday, October 18, at 4 p.m. as if it was Israelis and not Palestinians facing murderous violence in their own land. The message is clear: they want the Zionist state to carry out its genocidal program and deny the right of an oppressed people to resist their aggressor.


In an effort to paint the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist terrorist state as a mere religious conflict between Muslims and Jews, Zionists ignore the Jewish voices that speak out for the Palestinian resistance, including that of late Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer who urged the people of Palestine “not to give out their fight.” In order to push down the truth from coming out, the US corporate media will ignore over 30 Palestinians killed and 2,000 injured in past few days by the terrorist IDF and fascist settler mobs chanting “Death to Arabs!”

We cannot, support a people when they get exterminated and then withdraw that support when they fight back. It is right to rebel against oppression. It is right to fight back against aggression. It is right to resist colonization by any means necessary. Today and forever, the RSCC stands in full solidarity with the Palestinian people as they face off the Zionist monster once again, and call all our supporters to rally at 4 p.m. in Times Square against the Zionists forces that seek to uphold the right of Israel to continue the grossest genocide of the 21st Century.

We must remain undeterred in our fight for the full liberation of Palestine and the destruction of the Israeli terrorist state. We must work without rest to drive out Zionism from our campuses and our communities for as long as the Palestinian flag flies as a symbol of resistance, the people of the world will have hope that a world without oppression is possible.

Join us and many others Palestine solidarity organizations, including NYC Students for Justice in Palestine, as we express our support for the brave Palestinian waging resistance once again.

Resistance is not terrorism! Colonialism is!

It is right to rebel against oppression!
Free Palestine!



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