Direct Repression to RSCC-PHL by CCP Administration

Comrades from The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, PHL and a faculty member have been facing direct repression from the Administration of Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) since their non violent peaceful protest on October 8th #PigFreeCCP. In this action they successfully drove out Philadelphia police (PPD) recruiters off CCP main campus with the support of over 200 students. This win made the administration of CCP retaliate with a “clumsy and desperate” effort of condemning progressive and revolutionary figures on campus for exposing the increasing militarization of the college.



Divya Nair, an adjunct professor of English, was suspended due to her involvement with the speak out, and was told to still work on creating lesson plans without pay. A petition began to circulate after her suspension in response, shared and signed by many supporters beyond the needed amount of signatories. Notable student activists within the RSCC-PHL were also met with repression such as Andrea Haulcoch and Rina Mascitti who were suspended by administration awaiting more details on the due process of the demonstration. Jim McFadden, another student RSCC member, was suspended first until recently; he is now going through disciplinary probation until April 2016. He was charged by the administration for being responsible for assembly and disorderly conduct.

Just a few days prior to this action against PPD recruiters, media reports on October 2nd warned colleges in Philadelphia of a social media mass shooting threat. In response to this news RSCC-PHL called for CCP to close their campus in hopes that administration would act accordingly for the safety of the student body. Instead of closing the campus, CCP ended up increasing militarization by bringing in heavily armed SWAT teams to search the college. From this incident it is clear that CCP’s administration does not care for the well being of their student body who are comprised of predominantly working class oppressed nationality.

The City College of New York and the Community College of Philadelphia are both part of the ideological state apparatus (ISA) and serve to maintain the interests of the ruling class. The recent events in CCP and the college administration’s reaction towards revolutionary students and professors who organize for the interests of the people, are reminiscent of the repression of student activists in RSCC-NYC when they organized against war criminal General Petraeus in 2013. Soon after these protests student organizers were also suspended and some even arrested (CUNY 6) as the administration and the Board of Trustees pushed for initiatives to abolish all forms of protest with the “CUNY policy on Expressive Activity” which aimed to limit when, where, and how CUNY students mobilize, leaflet, assemble, and protest on any CUNY campus.

The antagonistic contradiction between CCP’s administration and the student body as well as the surrounding working class communities within Philly is a struggle that The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee encourage other progressive and revolutionary forces to wage in order to fight against all reactionaries who are doing wrong to oppressed communities and the working class, to seize the school institution and transform it into a tool to reproduce revolutionary ideas, and serve as the training ground for the next generation of revolutionaries who will fight for the liberation of the whole society.



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