All Out for Million Student March!

Since 2011 tuition in CUNY has been increasing by $300 a semester while the state government has stopped funding CUNY. CUNY has been paying its bills (e.g. rent, utilities, etc.) with tuition money received from poor and working class students. At the same time classes are being taken away in the face of budget cuts. Even CUNY professors, many of whom are adjuncts that get by on starvation wages, have not had a raise to their wages in 6 years. All this while members of Board of Trustees get free limousines and private chauffeurs, paid for with our tuition money.

CUNY had been a free institution through 2 world wars and a great depression when the student make up was majority white. By 1975 CUNY was a school of majority people of color when the city’s elites used a citywide fiscal crisis as an excuse to implement tuition in a public university, initiating the systemic locking out of people of our communities from the institution. Now as tuition increases rapidly the university is becoming inaccessible to working class communities of NYC quicker than ever.

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This is a crucial time for us to fight for a liberated CUNY. Because now more than ever CUNY students are fighting for causes that directly impact our communities. We are protesting the mass incarceration of black and brown people, fighting for CUNY to divest its funding from private prisons. We are fighting to end the collaboration between NYPD and ICE police, who raid the homes of immigrants and break up families through deportations. We are fighting for justice for Palestinian people who are being killed every day under the Israeli occupation of Palestine. We are campaigning for revolutionary Gender Resource Centers as part of the fight against sexual harassment/violence on campuses.

As revolutionary ideology spreads amongst our students, we cannot lose CUNY to rising tuitions. We need control of CUNY so that we can transform it into an institution that spreads revolutionary ideology amongst students who will serve their communities. Revolutionary students who would go on to smash the White-supremacist, Heteropatriarchal, Capitalist-Imperialist system.


This Thursday, Nov. 12th, join the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee in the NYC Million Students March to fight for a tuition free CUNY, to fight for the abolition of Board of Trustees, to fight for the dismantling of CUNY Public Safety, to support our professors in their demand for contracts and higher wages. In 1969 we won the fight to open CUNY’s doors for people of color, in 1976 won the fight to keep Hostos College from closing down, now we will fight for an all together liberated CUNY. Join us!



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