CUNY Students Without Borders.




Today November 16th, 20155
BARUCH COLLEGE VERTICAL CAMPUS, at 55 Lexington Avenue (corner of 24th Street), New York, New York

Last Thursday, November 12th, the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, along with Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Without Borders, Anakbayan, People Power Assemblies and others led the Million Student March of NYC. Hundreds of youth and students gathered at Hunter College and spoke out against CUNY’s tuition hikes, against the systematic locking out of the people of our communities from the institution, against the Board of Trustees (BoT), against our education being a tool of regenerating and upholding the hetero-patriarchal, white supremacist, and capitalist-imperialist state.


The youth and students spoke out for freezing tuition, for community control of the institution, for the overthrowing of the BoT, for transforming CUNY to become the institution where students from our communities will learn about our past revolutionary struggles and ideologically arm themselves to fight against the hetero-patriarchal, racist, and capitalist-imperialist state and serve our communities as revolutionaries.

Throughout the day, before converging at Hunter, youth and students rallied up at different CUNY campuses where they faced different forms of repression from reactionary forces. At City College, the Public Safety called in a small army of the infamous NYPD so that the unarmed youth and students would have to go against trigger-happy armed thugs of the state if they tried to do anything more than rallying (in 1969 students took over and shut down City College to demand open admission for the community).

BMCC was highly militarized than usual and was closed to anyone who was not a BMCC student or staff member, making it impossible for organizers from other campuses to help rally youth and students. At Queens College an entire class of Zionist students crowded around the ralliers in an effort to dismantle the action, calling ralliers anti-Semitic and shouting over our chants as campus security watched from nearby. During the convergence at Hunter College more Zionists heckled protesters. One particular heckler, calling himself a libertarian, argued that state violence is justified, immigrants come to the U.S. to rape and plunder, while showing Nazi-esque videos on his laptop. He was being protected by two NYPD officers as he ranted on. A few members of RSCC stood guard to ensure he doesn’t agitate the protesters in an attempt to get them arrested.


“march to the building where the chancellor of CUNY resides in an apartment paid out of student tuition costing $18,000 a month in rent”

The rally was followed by a march to the building where the chancellor of CUNY resides in an apartment paid out of student tuition costing $18,000 a month in rent, while CUNY adjuncts live on starvation wages. As protesters gathered in front of the building, NYPD officers piled in in front of them threatening to arrest everyone if we did not clear the premises. This made everyone present understand that in a capitalist-imperialist society the ruling class uses the masses as a tool to produce and reproduce their luxurious lives and when the masses want to rise up against them the ruling class uses its armed forces to repress the masses, because tools do not have rights. A member of RSCC used the momentum to announce how we will advance our struggle.

This Monday, November 16th, join us to continue the fight at the Board of Trustee’s Public Budget Hearing. This is where we will present the BoT with our petition of six demands signed off by CUNY students, professors and community members. With a firm understanding that petitions never liberated any people from their struggles, we will present this petition to the BoT to establish the demands of the people who CUNY is meant to serve against the actions of the BoT who serve and are part of the ruling class.

Join the rebirth of the Revolutionary CUNY Student and Youth Movement Today.



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