CALL TO ACTION: Abolish The Board of Trustees” Board Meeting” #Liber8CUNY

On Monday, November 23rd, the CUNY Board of Trustees will meet to announce the budget for the next fiscal year.

Board of Trustees Board Meeting:
TODAY AT BARUCH COLLEGE VERTICAL CAMPUS, at 55 Lexington Avenue (corner of 24th Street), New York, New York AT 4pm


On Monday of last week, when the BoT public hearing was held at Baruch College, students planned to walk into the meeting to present the 2000+ signatures collected in support of the CUNY Prison Divest campaign signed by students in various campuses demanding that CUNY divest from private prisons and detention centers, end all NYPD, ROTC, Border Patrol, ICE Police and all military recruitment in CUNY campuses, put an end to the partnership with NYPD, that CUNY funds programs to reintegrate formerly incarcerated people into the university, to demand a CUNY democratically controlled by the students, community and staff and to demand divestment from Israeli companies as well as the divestment from organizations that fund the existence of apartheid Israel.

However, when we marched up to the building we faced heavy security measures and what is supposed to be a public hearing was in actuality rifled with bureaucratic measures prohibiting most of the people present from entering. Three RSCC members were able to get inside the meeting and observed that the BoT was not engaging with anyone in the room who spoke. Understanding that the BoT only held the meeting to keep appearances, when it was their turn to speak the RSCC members turned their backs on BoT and addressed the crowd present.

Meanwhile RSCC members outside of the building, along with members of Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Without Borders and Anakbayan rallied in protest of the BoT, in protest of tuition hikes, in protest of CUNY’s investment into Private Prisons and the settler-colonial apartheid state of Israel. They spoke about the systemic locking out of people of our communities from the institution by the implementation of tuition hikes. They spoke about our communities taking control of CUNY so that we can transform it into an institution that spreads revolutionary ideology amongst students who will later use it to serve their communities. Revolutionary students who would go on to smash the white-supremacist, heteropatriarchal, capitalist-imperialist system. They spoke about our demands only being the beginning steps of this larger goal to accomplish.

During this rally, there was a counter-rally of a group of Zionists standing under the protection of the NYPD. Because even Zionists know that the NYPD will protect them and not the working class Black and Brown students who compose the majority of CUNY student body. In fact, many comrades across CUNY campuses have receive citations by Zionist administrators who seek to suppress this rising anti-imperialist movement in the university.

We must keep the flame of protest going throughout CUNY. This Monday, November 23, come out and join the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee to continue the fight to liberate CUNY. As contradictions become sharper between us and different forces of repression we will stand together and liberate CUNY for serving the people of our communities.




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