Solidarity with Minneapolis Protesters! We Must Fight Back Against White Supremacy!

Rally Time: TODAY 6 p.m.

Where: Washington Square Park

On two consecutive nights in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter protesters have been shot in front of the  city’s Fourth Precinct police station. On the first night, five protesters were injured by the bullets. Protesters had been outside the Fourth Precinct continuously since the murder of Jamar Clark on November 15 while he was being arrested and was already handcuffed.


With Black people being killed by police every eight hours in 2015, the most extreme, openly fascist elements of white supremacist terror are on the rise across the US. In June, Dylann Roof opened fire and killed nine black congregants at Charleston A.M.E. Church. Three weeks ago, Black Mizzou students faced public death threats were they to enter campus for protesting their school’s racial discrimination. Just this week, Donald Trump explicitly defended those who assaulted a Black Lives Matter protester at his campaign rally, and at the same time, racists pranksters announced the creation of over 20 new “white student unions” at universities across the country, which later turned out to be a prank.


The rise in white supremacist sentiment has extended to other spheres of imperialist terror within and outside US borders. Fascist Trump has proposed requiring Muslims to carry special ID cards, and he and other presidential candidates have called for the mass detention and deportation of all 11 million undocumented people living within the US. And while France launched dozens of airstrikes on Syria, the House of Representatives just passed a bill that would refuse to accept any Syrian or other refugee until both the heads of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security individually certify that they are not a threat to national security.

The overt white supremacist terror on the crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters represents a qualitative change in the oppression people are facing, and it demands implementing different tactics in our struggle against the enemies of the people. The shootings demonstrate that the Minneapolis Black Lives Matter protesters outside the Fourth Precinct might be attacked anytime by either the State or racist vigilantes, and they have no method of defending themselves. Three Black Lives Matter protesters tried to disrupt a Donald Trump rally and one of the three was brutalized by Trump’s fascist supporters. Comrades could have been killed in either of these protests. If we do not change our tactics, we continue exposing ourselves to brutal repression, putting our lives at risk, and ultimately endangering the Black Lives Matter movement.

With fascism on the rise, together with every form of white supremacist and imperialist terror, the enemy has shown no moral boundaries to the violence it is willing to inflict on oppressed people. We cannot continue to rely on the enemy not to physically attack us while we are peacefully protesting. We must move beyond expressing our dissent through protest, and organize resistance to actively end the genocide our communities are facing. We must organize against each of the different means by which our communities are oppressed: the exploitation of labor, higher rents and gentrification, and immigrant detention and mass incarceration.


Organizing in each sector will require continuously struggling out different non-antagonistic contradictions that may exist within our communities such as patriarchy and homophobia to establish the highest possible level of unity among ourselves. By achieving true unity we can build power, and by building power we will be able to win the war that is being waged against us and defeat the US imperialist, white supremacist State.


“In order for nonviolence to work, your opponent must have a conscience.” – Stokely Carmichael
Fist up! Fight back!


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