Rally with us this February 27 to demand clemency for Leonard Peltier.

When: February 27, at 4 p.m. 

Where: National Museum of the American Indian (1 Bowling Green, Building 1)

Facebook event:

In the struggle for liberation, revolutionaries have always been under attack by the government. Whether it is COINTELPRO, informants, police raids or using the media to spread false propaganda, the ruling class has always made sure to suppress revolutionary movements. Even today, people are repressed for organizing in their schools and communities. We have been told to believe that anyone who puts forth the agenda of the oppressed masses is a criminal and an enemy.tumblr_njqm5cDcBN1rskjzpo1_1280

One of those people is Leonard Peltier, a member of the American Indian Movement convicted of murdering two FBI agents. Peltier has been imprisoned for over 40 years despite multiple demands by activists from all over the world demanded that he be granted clemency. In his fight for freedom is the demand of all oppressed people for self-determination under the white settler colonial U.S. state.

The American Indian Movement was an organization that understood that their people were political subjects of national oppression. Indigenous people were put on reservations and plagued by police harassment, high unemployment rates, increasing poverty, and alcoholism. They retaliated to their oppression by organizing actions and defending their people against the police.53690a06c25b5_240169b.jpg

The American Indian Movement was a part of the Rainbow Coalition along with the Black Panthers, Young Lords and other revolutionary organizations that wanted to organize a broad movement for liberation. All of these organizations that made up the Rainbow Coalition won over the masses to revolutionary politics and contributed to a movement that wanted to serve the people and end the mass exploitation over them.

Today oppressed nationalities are being killed by the police and hauled off to prisons. There are also undocumented immigrants being put into detention centers and being targeted by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE has been doing raids and taking  people from their homes when they least expect it. Women and other oppressed genders face oppression under transphobic hetero-patriarchy. Transgender people are constantly facing harassment by the police and by people in the streets. They are also misgendered when they are sent to prison and usually cannot find employment or housing. Following the example put forth by AIM and the Rainbow Coalition, we as revolutionaries must continue to organize against national oppression inside all our working class communities.

It is in that spirit of struggle that we call on all student organizations in New York City and throughout the country to join the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, as well as NYC Students for Justice in Palestine and the Red Student Faction from Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the National Student Day of Action to Demand Clemency for Leonard Peltier this Saturday, February 27.

We want our voices to resonate throughout the country and to the highest organs of the imperialist beast. We want to them to know that despite their best efforts, the flame of revolution burns bright in the heart of this generation. We must show them that

Those who stand up in these times of adversity, putting their life on the line to seek true liberation for their people will always be considered enemies of the state. That means that if we choose to fight for the masses we will be targeted by the ruling class. When we begin to notice the means of which the ruling class will take to oppress us (militarization, policing, etc), we also begin to notice how much they fear us.

And that fear proves that we have a power over them. Therefore we won’t be deterred by the state. And we won’t stop when they pass us hand me downs or charity cases. We must continue to organize and build power for ourselves as revolutionaries.

Details on the National Student Day of Action to Demand Clemency for Leonard Peltier will be posted soon. If your student or community organization would like to support the call, please feel free to email us at





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