Recently, the Black Lives Matter movement lost a comrade and leader in the struggle to freeing our people and his name is MarShawn M. McCarrel II. McCarrel was found dead outside of the Ohio State Building after taking his own life with a gunshot. McCarrel was a devoted organizer in the BLM movement and founded a youth mentorship program called “Pursuing Our Dreams.” The program launched a campaign called “Feed the Streets” which aided the homeless in Ohio. This comrade understood that we needed to serve the people and organize to fight against the state that continues to attack our existence as oppressed peoples.

suffering_from_capitalismThe desperation that comes from being targeted by our oppressive government runs rampant in working-class communities. This desperation and the awful conditions in these communities cause many of us to turn to informal, super-exploitative, and even lumpen forms of subsistence in order to survive. The lack of access to mental health services also keeps many of our people from adequately dealing with mental illness. 

This is why McCarrel understood that we had to take action and engage with the people and organize them for a change. When we talk about organizing the people, we need to emphasize that they are being subject to genocide at the hands of the ruling class. The only way that we can win in the struggle is by building power amongst the people to emancipate ourselves.

It should be clear to us that Black lives do not matter in the settler-colonial empire that is the United States. The only way that the most oppressed sector of society will matter is through liberation and not through integration. The ruling class has accepted more black and brown people than ever before. but, that hasn’t stopped mass incarceration, gentrification, police brutality, deportation and all other forms of terror that the people are subjected to by our ruthless government. It should be clear to us that we should not strive to abandon the people, but to integrate with them and win them over to politics that will ensure the change that we need.

We will always remember to continue the work that McCarrell and all revolutionaries who are no longer with us have done. We will continue to fight against all forms of oppression and advance the revolutionary struggle for the people. Our victory will be ensured through engaging in revolutionary practice in the interest of the most exploited.






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