The People Will Defeat Fascism


“Over 1000 protesters took the streets on Saturday, March 19, to protest the rise of fascist Republican candidate Donald Trump.”

Over 1,000 protesters took the streets on Saturday, March 19, to protest the rise of fascist Republican candidate Donald Trump. People from all walks of life gathered in Columbus Circle to march against Trump, whose racist, sexists, homophobic, xenophobic and islamophobic rhetoric and platform has sparked the anger of the masses. In response to this display of resistance., the NYPD used heavy handed tactics to break off the demonstration and to prevent it from taking the streets. Protesters were shoved, pushed, thrown to the grown, and pepper sprayed – including five comrades of the RSCC who were among the people holding the front line. There were some arrests and other instances of brutality, but this was not enough to stop the will of the people to confront Trump. Marchers were able to march toward the Trump Tower, where they were met with supporters of Trump’s fascist message.5image1


Trump embodies the rise of fascism in the United States. His rhetoric has galvanized the most reactionary sections of U.S. society behind the banner of “Make America Great Again.” His base of support, disenfranchised middle-class white people who were heavily affected by the 2008 capitalist crisis, put the blame of their precarious situation on Muslims, Blacks, Latinos rather than the capitalist ruling class that is actively promoting deindustrialization in the country, cutting down social benefits, and curtailing the power of unions. This fascist movement cannot be dealt with peaceful means, for it is very willing to use violence against all those that it sees as a threat to the purity of the national character of the USA. Therefore, it can only be dealt with through militant struggle and through the unity of all the anti-fascist forces in the country.

Trump promises to deport the 11 million of undocumented immigrants who live in this country, as well as create identification cards for all Muslims living the US. He plans to ban Muslim immigration, as well as prevent the entrance of Syrian refugees in the country. He has proposed to carry out war crimes, received the sympathy of the KKK, and celebrated the use of violence against protesters in his rallies. His name has been proclaimed as lone fascist executed hate crimes against Muslims and Latinos. The presidency of Donald Trump will result on one of the most repressive periods in U.S. history and all our progressive social movements face the eminent danger of unprecedented repression at the hands of this new fascist state.

Fascism leaves us no other options but to fight back. There is no negotiating, no appealing to their moral senses. Progressives from everywhere, from every single organization and collective, must come together and prepare the ground for a multi-front resistance against Donald Trump. We cannot rely on the old ways of organizing for theatrics and marches do not soften the hearts of fascist. Only when people come together to exert their power is when we have a chance to win. We must disrupt every event, tear down every poster, and fight off every single one of his supporters. We must also prepare for the worst case scenario – the one he gets elected president –, and set the ground for revolutionary struggle against this menace. Only united we have a chance to win, for there is nothing fascism fears the most than the immeasurable power of the people.

Defeat Donald Trump!

Down with fascism!

Fist up! Fight back!


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