Liberate CUNY for the People!: Picket at CUNY Board of Trustees Hearing

Liberate CUNY for the People!: Picket at CUNY Board of Trustees Hearing

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC) calls on all CUNY campuses and communities to mobilize for a picket at the next CUNY Board of Trustees hearing.

John Jay College, 860 11th Avenue (between 58th and 59th Streets)
Monday, November 19th @ 3PM 

What does it mean to have a failing public education system? It means that our failure to act is the failing of our generation.

CUNY continues to be privatized, gentrified and used as a tool for the rich. CUNY is an institution which approves of the repressive policing towards students, either in Baruch on November 21st, Brooklyn College on May 2nd or the Muslim students who are baited and surveilled by the NYPD and FBI.

The CUNY Board of Trustees and elite administrators have significantly raised their salaries while at the same time raising our tuition. Yet it is not only students who are at odds with the institution. Adjunct professors, who make up 60% of the faculty, will have their health-care up on the chopping block. But perhaps worst of all, the CUNY elites are actively excluding oppressed and marginalized communities from CUNY senior colleges. On the one hand, there is a drastic drop in Black and Latino enrollment rates due to stricter admission standards. On the other hand, there is the forging of grades for grad students at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College. 

We find that the institution is promoting the interests of the rich capitalists while detrimenting our communities and our education. This can only be described as educational genocide. We cannot let this go on. We demand the following:1. Guaranteed admissions.

2. Transform all community colleges into senior colleges.

3. More funding for SEEK and College Discovery.

4. Maintain & expand Ethnic Studies, Women Studies and Gender Studies.

5. Community control. 

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