Call for International Women’s Day


Women rise against patriarchy and capitalism!

In CUNY, women face sexual harassment, a patriarchal curriculum, and a struggle for childcare. In society as a whole, women face the lenient enforcement of laws against sexual assault, control over reproduction, poorly-paid jobs, unemployment, unpaid domestic work, and cuts to social services that aid women such as childcare. Women face oppression in the community, in the streets, in the home, and in the media. It is time to say, “No more!”

Capitalism upholds and perpetuates women’s oppression. The capitalist state is a patriarchal institution. The fight for women’s emancipation is therefore part of the class struggle and the fight to end class society. It is not enough to oppose women’s oppression and claim feminism; it is necessary to take up proletarian feminism, to unite the women’s struggle with the struggle of the proletariat.

The struggle of women is the struggle of half of all humanity. Mothers, sisters, and daughters have been at the forefront of revolutionary movements from the Paris Commune to the Russian Revolution to the Chinese Revolution to the struggles around the world today against capitalism and imperialism. Women hold up half the sky! Without women’s full participation and leadership, there can be no revolution.

The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, led by the RSCC Women’s Workteam, calls on women in CUNY and NYC more broadly to join us for a series of events this month celebrating March 8, International Women’s Day.

Join RSCC on March 8, 9, and 16 to study, speak out, march, discuss, and build a movement against patriarchy and capitalism!

Friday, March 8, 3 PM: Study for RSCC members and friends on the historical origins of women’s oppression, the principles of proletarian feminism, and campaigns conducted by proletarian feminist women’s organizations. Facilitated by the RSCC Women’s Workteam. Email for the location and more info.

Saturday, March 9, 11:30 AM: RSCC joins the International Working Women’s Day Coalition to commemorate IWD through a speak out and vigil at the Triangle Shirtwaist Memorial, 23-29 Washington Place, between Greene Street and Washington Square East (N/R to 8th St or A/B/C/D/E/F/M to West 4th St). At 1 PM, we will gather and join the IWD rally at Washington Square Park called by Women Organized to Resist and Defend. IGNITE will be marching in solidarity as well.

Saturday, March 16, 6 PM: Come to an educational panel, Women Against Imperialism, hosted by the RSCC Women’s Workteam and IGNITE, and co-sponsored by the Women’s Center and others. Featuring speakers from BAYAN-USA, Al-Awda, and other groups. Coinciding with the release of RSCC’s new pamphlet for International Women’s Day. Location: John Jay College, CUNY, New Building RM L.61. Look out for more info!