RSCC Joins Stop-the-Cops March on February 23rd

Feb. 23rd, 1PM
138th St. 3rd ave (Bronx)

The NYPD has been at war against the oppressed people of this city. Their daily job consists of harassing, humiliating, assaulting and shooting down the oppressed masses of this city. This has been shown with the hundreds of thousands of Black and Latino people stopped and frisked. They have assaulted youth, such as 19 year old Robert Jackson in front of Flushing High School in Queens. The police have shot down 20 year old Reynaldo Cuevas while he was working at a bodega trying to meet his families’ needs. The NYPD has escalated this violence against working class and oppressed people of this city.

The police are not our friends and they serve a specific class interest. They are the foot soldiers who lock our families and friends away and throw away the key. The reason behind this is because it is profitable to keep people inside the Prison-Industrial Complex. Police brutality and mass incarceration go hand in hand with the national oppression of black and latino people of this city. There is no justice to be found in their courts, so we must take to the streets. Join RSCC on February 23rd for the Stop the Cops March in the Bronx.